Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baby Update

Okay, so I know I'm the lamest blogger ever. I'm so behind; there are things I need to blog about including Scott's parents' visit to us back in March, Scott's birthday, Kylie's birthday, my birthday, our little trip down to St. George WITHOUT the kids for an early 10th wedding anniversary get-away, Easter, etc., etc. But...I'm not going to blog about any of those things today. I'm just too excited about Baby Girl's impending arrival, which I hope will happen sometime next week. I went to the doctor yesterday and I'm dilated to a 4 and she has come down, which explains the pressure and back pain I've been feeling lately. My OB said she could very well come this week or the next. I'm hoping she'll hang out in my uterus for at least another week because I'M NOT READY! I have a massive list of things I need and want to do before she gets here. One of the things on my list requiring the utmost priority was getting a carseat, which I finally went out and bought yesterday after I realized she could be coming any day now. Cooper and I had a blast trying out the strollers while we were in Babies 'R' Us. He would ride around in a stroller and check out all the things he could open and close on it. Then he would point to another stroller and say, "Try that one, Mom; that one for the bee-bee, okay? Try that one for the bee-bee, okay?" (I really need to blog about Cooper's entertainingly advanced verbal skills.) I ended up buying the kid one of those classic Fisher-Price cash registers because he's so gosh dang cute. (Does anybody else ever do that? Just buy their kids toys because they're being so good and cute? And yes, I buy things for Kylie for the same reasons.)
Anyway, that is our family update for now. I'll try to catch up on everything else in the next couple of weeks.