Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Wisdom, Thoughts, and Sayings of Kylie

I've noticed that I blog way more about Cooper than Kylie, so I've decided to dedicate this post to Kylie

and the funny things she says.
Just yesterday she told me that she volunteered to say the opening prayer in her church class and I began quizzing her about what she said in her prayer...
Mommy: So, what did you say?
Kylie: I said, "I'm thankful for this day."
Mommy: You didn't say, "Please bless this food," did you?
Kylie: No, I said something else.
Mommy: Well, what did you say?
Kylie: Mommy, just eat your lunch, okay?
Mommy: !?!?!?!

Here's another:
Mommy: Kylie, you need to find something quiet to do on Sunday, like read a book, color, or play quietly in your room.
Kylie: Mom, reading a book is loud, cuz when you turn the pages it makes noise.

Mommy: Kylie, you need to be a big girl and clean up your own messes.
Kylie: But Mommy, I'm only 4! I think you should clean up my messes until I get a little bit older.

Scott is always making fun of me because I'm always looking for my keys when I need to go somewhere. Well, one day I was frantically looking for my keys when Kylie knowingly announced, "Mommy, you're going to be in BIG trouble when Daddy gets home and finds out you lost your keys AGAIN!"

Seriously, the kid cracks me up! There are so many other hilarious things she's said, but I can't remember them all. I really should just go and write them down as soon as she's said them. I know I'm going to do better with this now that I have a blog to write them on!

Monday, May 26, 2008

He's Such a Boy!

Lately, Scott and I just look at each other, roll our eyes, and exclaim, "He's such a boy!," after Cooper does something that his sister never did or would ever do, like climb up on his bouncy chair backwards and make it bounce so hard that we have to hold it down or he would go flying into the air. He'll take things from Kylie and run off with them as fast as his little legs can go. He'll pull everything he can reach down off of shelves, pull out every toy he can find out of its proper place, and generally, he'll leave huge messes in his wake.
Lately, he likes finding things he can put around his neck like necklaces, purses, and anything he can find that would be cool to put around his neck. Well, one day, he decided to follow Mommy upstairs. On the way up, he found the diaper bag and decided it would be a fun thing to put around his neck. He found out, however, that it was really hard to climb up the stairs with the diaper bag hanging down by his knees. So, he stood up on the stair and was trying to get the diaper bag strap off of his neck when he FELL all the way down the stairs and ended up with this:
We don't know what really happened, because I was upstairs and Scott was on the computer downstairs, but Scott said when he got to him, he still had the diaper bag strap around his neck. So, we can pretty much assume that this is what happened. We really can't figure out what he hit on the way down that would give him such a nasty bump, but we also have to remember that he got the same nasty bump in the exact same place three weeks ago after he bumped his head on the coffee table. *Sigh* Boys will be boys, I guess.
The only good thing that came out of this is he FINALLY went down for his nap after screaming and crying for a good 10 minutes. I'm pretty sure he had a headache; he just needed to sleep it off...Poor kid.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

On A Golden Springtime...

Spring is finally here! Yay! We've been spending a lot of time outside. Kylie has been riding her bike and Cooper likes finding rocks and throwing them into the window wells. He absolutely loves doggies and will take off if he sees one. He's a fast little bugger too! We went on a nice, long evening walk by the lake on Sunday. Everybody was out that night enjoying the perfect weather. The splash pool is scheduled to open on Memorial Day and we plan on going there a lot this year. The kiddos are going to be little brown babies before too long!
Over the weekend we had a little get-together at our house. Grandma Net, Grandpa Pete, G.G. (Great Grandma Freitas), Grandpa Vern, Adam, Sarah, Amber, Nate, Becky, and baby Layna came over for a BBQ. I bought a pool for the kids to play in, but the water ended up being a little too cold for them, so they just splashed in the water with their hands and threw in bath toys. All the "old" people and the newborn stayed inside while Sarah, my sis-in-law, and I spent most of the time outside talking and playing with the kids. It was good to see everyone, especially my grandparents. I wish I had gotten some pictures with them in it...maybe next time.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful moms in our lives...our sisters, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, friends, and, of course, our mothers. I think so many of us think that the little things we do for our children and our families often go unnoticed. Thank goodness for Mother's Day, where we can truly thank our mothers for all that they have done for us and do for us. I know that I can never repay my Mom for all the things she has done for me and she doesn't expect it either. I don't know what I'd do without her; she is my friend and confidant. She is the first person I call when I have a crisis in my life (besides my husband, of course). She is a wonderful, sweet person and I love her so much. I also have an awesome mother-in-law; I don't even like adding "in-law" to the mom part because she is truly like another mother to me (in a good way!). She is fun to talk to and is a great Nana to our kids.
We put together a little picture show for y'all...so here's to all the wonderful mothers in our lives. We love you!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

This Is What Happens When...

Mommy's too busy blog surfing. Cooper had come walking up to me and as I picked him up I put my hand on his bottom. I could feel some crunchy little bits of...RICE CRISPIES!?!?! "Now how did you get rice crispies on your bottom, little man? I know I left the box of cereal up on the table, now how did they get here?" I looked into the kitchen and found the biggest mess of cereal I have ever seen. My first instinctive reaction was to scream and cry, but then I realized this was mostly my fault. I had left my toddler unattended with a box of cereal sitting on the end of the table. It was bound to happen. I then thought about the time Kylie dumped a whole bag of Malt-o-Meal Toasty O's on the floor...and I had to laugh. I wish I could post that picture on here too. Like sister, like brother. Ha-ha. (BTW, I had to put Cooper back in the cereal mess to get these pictures, and as you can tell, he wasn't complain-
ing! And, yes, this happened before we cut his hair so you can see how long his hair was!)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Cooper's New Haircut

Yup, that's my baby's beautiful hair on the floor. The other day, we decided to get out Scott's clippers and shave off my baby's hair. His hair was getting really long and it seemed like I would have to cut it every two or three weeks; it just grew so fast. Anyway, I held him while Scott did the clipping. The thing I wasn't planning on was having him cut off ALL of his hair. I was thinking about just leaving his hair on top a little longer so that I could spike it and do cute stuff with it. BUT, Scott went for the top before I could say anything and when I did, it was too late. I almost cried. But, I've gotten used to it and, really, he could be completely bald and still be the cutest baby ever.