Monday, June 30, 2008

Saturday Fun!

It looks like Saturdays are turning into Mommy-kiddie outing days for us. I feel so guilty for not being able to be with them Tuesday and Thursday nights. And then sleeping half the day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays means I miss out on even more time with them. So, lately, I make sure we go do something fun on Saturdays. This last Saturday we went to the Daybreak North Shore Grand Opening where we looked at the 22 new homes built by various builders for the new addition to Daybreak. I absolutely loved a lot of the houses and would totally look into buying a new house out there except we've only been in our own new house for a year. (Maybe in another year or two.)
After looking at the houses and participating in some of the activities, we went and saw Wall E with the free tickets we got from the Daybreak Association. It's such a cute movie! Kylie absolutely loved it and Cooper sat through the first half of it. The last half, he climbed up and down the stairs and tried climbing up the back of my chair and the chair next to us. Hopefully, he didn't bother too many people.
Here are some pictures of cute stuff I saw in the houses... I never thought of hanging beadboard from the ceiling down. This is way cute and I am SO going to do it in Kylie's room!
I loved this kitchen with its cupboards, tile floor, stainless steel appliances, and dark counter-tops.
This is the view of a living room from above.
I love windows and light! How about 2 stories of windows with long drapes! Love it!
I thought this was a cute idea: framing a familiar quote and hanging it over a window. (I don't really care for the curtains, though.) We found a girls' room the same color as Kylie's room, but I have to say Kylie's bed and bedding are so much cuter. I might steal the hanging posts along the wall idea, though. That with beadboard from the ceiling cute!
We got stuck in the Dr. Suess playroom complete with kiddie-sized chairs...
a ball jump area in a tub...
and a reading area. Cooper loved the car room.
Kylie and Coop had fun playing on the furry, hot pink-colored, beanbag chair. Kylie wants one just like it in her room. Do you think we could find a pastel yellow one? Cooper was fascinated with the rock walkway in front of one of the houses. He walked up and down it for awhile, until I stopped his fun and snatched him up to go into the next house. He was not happy with me.
Some of the houses had food from some of the local restaurants, so for lunch we had salmon salad, breadsticks with marinara sauce and cream sauce, pizza, smoothies, and ice cream! Yum!
The kids got to ice and sprinkle their own cupcakes for a fun kids activity. Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle!
Pat, pat, pat!
And into Cooper's mouth we go, just like that! (He, he, I should be children's book writer!)
Yummy cupcake!
Good job Kylie!

So, does anyone wanna come look at houses in Daybreak? If you do, let me know, and we'll make a day of it!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

South Jordan Country Fest

We went to the South Jordan Country Fest last Saturday. It was pretty fun, except it got REALLY hot. I had a fabulous farmer's tan to wear to church the next day. Kylie was in a tank top, so she ended up with a nice tan all the way up her shoulders. Poor Cooper just got a little burn on the top of his head.
We first went to the South Jordan parade. Cooper would run out into the street every time he saw something cool, like the policemen on their bikes with their lights flashing, the clowns and mascots, the fire truck, and the horses. He actually thought the horses were big doggies that he could go pet, so he would run over to pet them. I had to keep running out there to get him. Everyone thought he was cute so they kept throwing him candy. After the parade, we went to play in the kids' play area, where Kylie pumped duckies across a PVC pipe with a water pump, while Cooper tried pulling them out as they went across. Kylie showed off her strength by pulling up bricks attached to pulleys. She discovered that the one with three pulleys was the easiest to pull up. Then, both Kylie and Cooper signed their names on a giant piece of canvas. (I think Cooper looks so much older in this picture. He looks like he really knows what he's doing with that paintbrush! Yeah, well he ended up getting it on his shirt, his hands, my face, and in my hair!)We played on the swings. Kylie got a ladybug painted on her face, which she almost immediate-ly started rubbing off because it was "itchy."Finally, we went and rode the dinky little carnival rides which I think I paid too much for, but when it's about spending a day with your kids it's all worth it, right?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's House

We spent Father's Day weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Salina and we had so much fun! Be prepared for lots of pictures!Cooper discovered the trampoline. He loved it! He didn't jump really, but he loved getting bounced. He would also run around the perimeter and fall down while giggling the whole time.We had picnics outside...
...after which Scott, Kylie, and Leslie looked for crawdads in the irrigation ditch. They were disgusting-looking things! UGH! Scott was talking about fishing them out and cooking them up for dinner. Gross!Scott had to try out the old rope swing. I sadly realized that my tomboy days of playing in the trees and swinging on rope swings are days of the past. I could barely hold onto the thing; I felt like I was going to drop right in the middle of the ditch. Such a wimp!I love, LOVE my parents' backyard. Besides being green and pretty, it is the place of many wonderful childhood memories for me. If my parents ever move from this house, I will be very, very sad.This is the view of the sky and trees while laying on the trampoline. So pretty and peaceful.On Monday, we got sandwiches from Subway and went to Salina City Park for another picnic.Kylie played on the swings......climbed up the playground structure,...went down the slides,
...rode the merry-go-round,while Cooper took a nap in his carseat.We were going to be on our way home by the time Grandpa came home from work, so we said 'bye' to him at the park. Cooper was never too fond of going to Grandpa during this visit; however, he did go give Grandpa a big hug and I took the opportunity of getting a snapshot of it. He's such a good little hugger!After the park, we went home and put the kids in their swimsuits so they could play on the slippin' slide! After a few attempts to make it nice and slippery, Grandma concluded that it was time to go get a new slipping slide for her grandkids.Cooper loved being with Grandma. Here he is sitting with Grandma and playing with her sunglasses.We made water balloons and tried to make them pop on the trampoline. Cooper loved his water balloons, but couldn't quite figure out why they would pop when he dropped them on the grass.
Here's Scott showing off his juggling skills.Here's a "few" more pictures of Cooper playing on the trampoline and exploring the backyard.Look at that belly!Thanks to Grandma Net and Grandpa Pete for a fun-filled weekend! Can't wait to do it again!