Monday, June 30, 2008

Saturday Fun!

It looks like Saturdays are turning into Mommy-kiddie outing days for us. I feel so guilty for not being able to be with them Tuesday and Thursday nights. And then sleeping half the day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays means I miss out on even more time with them. So, lately, I make sure we go do something fun on Saturdays. This last Saturday we went to the Daybreak North Shore Grand Opening where we looked at the 22 new homes built by various builders for the new addition to Daybreak. I absolutely loved a lot of the houses and would totally look into buying a new house out there except we've only been in our own new house for a year. (Maybe in another year or two.)
After looking at the houses and participating in some of the activities, we went and saw Wall E with the free tickets we got from the Daybreak Association. It's such a cute movie! Kylie absolutely loved it and Cooper sat through the first half of it. The last half, he climbed up and down the stairs and tried climbing up the back of my chair and the chair next to us. Hopefully, he didn't bother too many people.
Here are some pictures of cute stuff I saw in the houses... I never thought of hanging beadboard from the ceiling down. This is way cute and I am SO going to do it in Kylie's room!
I loved this kitchen with its cupboards, tile floor, stainless steel appliances, and dark counter-tops.
This is the view of a living room from above.
I love windows and light! How about 2 stories of windows with long drapes! Love it!
I thought this was a cute idea: framing a familiar quote and hanging it over a window. (I don't really care for the curtains, though.) We found a girls' room the same color as Kylie's room, but I have to say Kylie's bed and bedding are so much cuter. I might steal the hanging posts along the wall idea, though. That with beadboard from the ceiling cute!
We got stuck in the Dr. Suess playroom complete with kiddie-sized chairs...
a ball jump area in a tub...
and a reading area. Cooper loved the car room.
Kylie and Coop had fun playing on the furry, hot pink-colored, beanbag chair. Kylie wants one just like it in her room. Do you think we could find a pastel yellow one? Cooper was fascinated with the rock walkway in front of one of the houses. He walked up and down it for awhile, until I stopped his fun and snatched him up to go into the next house. He was not happy with me.
Some of the houses had food from some of the local restaurants, so for lunch we had salmon salad, breadsticks with marinara sauce and cream sauce, pizza, smoothies, and ice cream! Yum!
The kids got to ice and sprinkle their own cupcakes for a fun kids activity. Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle!
Pat, pat, pat!
And into Cooper's mouth we go, just like that! (He, he, I should be children's book writer!)
Yummy cupcake!
Good job Kylie!

So, does anyone wanna come look at houses in Daybreak? If you do, let me know, and we'll make a day of it!


Nana and Papa said...

I am all for it. Loved the kitchen too. We will be there at the end of July after our trip to Australia. What were the prices???? The kids looked like thay had fun with the cupcakes...

Jennie Stephens said...

Oh those homes were AMAZING. My favorite house was the one with the 2 story tall curtains! I want to go back and enjoy the homes more, with LESS people. We went on friday night for the sneak peak and UGH, it was SO crowded!! We also saw Wall-E SO CUTE! We saw the 9 pm showing, so Porter fell asleep, Jackson ran all over the theater with the other kids and Lily sat there in pure moving going heaven!! Good news... NO ONE IS SICK AT MY HOUSE ANYMORE! WAHOOOOOO

Autumn said...

Hi Kim! I ran onto your blog somehow! It is so good to see you and your darling little family. My blog is private but if you would like an invite send an email to! Good to see you!

Autumn Rasmussen Jensen

Adam & Sarah said...

That looks like so much fun! Will they be letting you view the houses for awhile or will it be done soon? I'd love to do it, but I'm pretty stocked up on plans (and right now we only have one usable car) for the next couple of weeks... But if it's still there then, we should go!

Kim said...

Sarah, the houses should be available to look at for awhile, so whenever you can come down, let me know and we'll go!

Jennie Stephens said...

HAHA You are not an annoying person AT ALL! I hope Coop gets to feeling better soon! Sick kids are just no fun! At least he didnt get the ear infection from my kiddos! haha!

Adam & Sarah said...

Amber was looking at the pics of Kylie and Cooper. She calls Cooper "bucky" & Kylie "wylie". :)