Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July

I'm sure some of you are dying to hear about our fun, exciting 4th of about our disappointing, sad, depressing 4th of July? Yup, Kylie and Cooper both came down with the nasty flu on Wednesday. I spent both Wednesday and Thursday trying to get Cooper to throw up in either the sink, toilet, or barf bucket, cleaning up puke, doing laundry, and trying to get some sleep. (I worked both Tuesday and Wednesday nights). By Friday, Cooper had been having 3 days of raging fevers, so I finally took him in to our pediatrician who happens to belong to a clinic that has holiday hours. (How awesome is that?!) It turned out that he'd also been battling an ear infection. He had lost 5% of his weight, and the doctor said that if he lost 5% more, then he would be getting IV fluids. Poor kid! He was miserable. For the rest of Friday and Saturday, I really thought he'd end up getting IVF because he had absolutely no appetite, threw up just about everything he tried to drink, and had only two wet diapers where his urine was practically orange because it was so concentrated. Kylie was semi-better on Friday; she wasn't throwing up, but she told us about 50 times that her tummy hurt.
Anyway, for the 4th, we hung around at home: Scott and I had BBQ burgers for dinner; we played some soccer in the front yard, and set off a few cheap, lame-o fireworks. We were able to watch 4 different firework shows going on in the valley from our sidewalk, which was okay, I guess. I really like to watch fireworks up close. I was sooooo bummed. I had been planning an awesome 4th of July BBQ dinner and I had planned on taking the kids to a carnival, the parade, the pool, and the Riverton fireworks show, and I didn't get to do ANY of it. I felt like crying so many times. Scott could see my disappointment, so he PROMISED me that I would get to watch a fireworks show up close on the 24th of July. We'll see, though; there had better not be any sick kids!
Illness update: After a few days of complaining of a upset stomach, Kylie has made a full recovery and is eating very well. She is thoroughly enjoying the watermelon she wasn't able to enjoy last week.
After 5 days of Amoxicillin, Cooper finally perked up on Tuesday. He was back to his happy, busy, old self again. It had been pretty depressing watching him sleep so much and thinking about how miserable he probably felt. He wanted to be held almost constantly, which I gladly did. But, now I'm glad he's running around the house, making messes, and getting into mischief. (See below.)
Here are some pictures of us playing soccer outside. Sadly, these are the only pictures of our 4th of July I got. I was too tired and bummed out to get into the picture-taking thing.Kylie is a natural. She can dribble a soccer ball better than I can!We were playing one-on-one with Kylie and I playing on the same team. At one point, when it was me playing against Scott, Kylie got frustrated with my soccer-playing skills and my inability to score a goal, so she yelled out, "Come on Mommy, you runned a marathon!" Ha-ha! We had to stop playing and laugh.


Maggie's Mom said...

Sorry your Fourth didn't turn out like you wanted. It always stinks when the kids are sick. Glad to hear they are feeling better.

Crazycozartclan said...

The new blog looks way cute! Sorry about the sick kiddos. That is the worst we had that stuff about a month ago but I had it too and that did make it way worse. I am really glad everyone is feeling better over there.

Jennie Stephens said...

Hey there, I dont know if you saw my blog today..... one of my good friends Charlotte.... her 19 month old baby died on thursday. The funeral is on tuesday. So I cant watch your kiddos on tuesday.... let me know if I can help find a sitter for you... my neighbor Bethany... Gracie is Kylie's age... she probably can help...

The Andersen Family said...

I'm sorry your 4th was so depressing! I stopped by Jennie's house to pick something up last week and I saw Cooper there. I thought he looked SO much skinnier...this explains it!

I'm glad they're feeling better! :-)