Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Dairy Man

There are only a handful of things I can get Cooper to eat. He loves bananas, but he won't eat them cut up; it has to be whole with the peel peeled halfway down. He'll bring it to me when he's ready for the peel to be peeled down some more. It's so cute and funny to see how he prefers to have certain things done, or he gets very upset with me! Sometimes I like to NOT do things the way he likes because his temper tantrums are so cute! He'll storm away to the nearest wall and smack both of his hands on it and then look at me with his "mad" face to make sure that I know that he's mad. I need to try to get it on tape and post it on here.
Anyway, the purpose of this post was to highlight Cooper's finicky eating habits. I know that I've blogged about his eating habits before and I keep doing so because I'm so confused at why he's such a picky kid. It bothers me that he was well in, and even over, the 50th percentile for height and weight in the first 6 months of his life and now he's in the 10th percentile for both. And I know it's because he does not eat enough food!
So, here's some of Cooper's fussy eating habits: He really doesn't like picking up his food with his fingers. He prefers that it's stuck on a fork or a spoon; I usually stick the food on there for him and he takes the fork from me, puts it in his mouth upside down, and then hands it back to me and we do it all over again. When I do put food on his plate for him to eat with his hands, he plays with it like it's finger paint and not a single bit of it goes into his mouth! What a stinker! He doesn't eat vegetables or meat and I can only get him to eat a few fruits. But, thank goodness, he loves anything dairy! Eggs, milk, cottage cheese, string cheese, yogurt, and ice cream! (I guess he's getting his protein, right?)


Jennie Stephens said...

WHAT! cooper is picky! Well he is.. and he does love love love bananas! He also like mashed potatoes, Campbell's vegatable soup with cheese toast! He also ate some mandarine oranges for me, but I had to feed them to him! Hmmm and YES he loves eggs, so does porter! Those boys ate around 4 scrambled eggs between the 2 of them! CRAZY! He did also eat spaghetti with everyone! haha

The Andersen Family said...

The only real "food" he ate with us was the chicken and noodles from chicken noodle soup, my beef stroganoff (which has a decent portion of meat in it) and muffins! He did love his muffins! :-)

Adrienne Gibson said...

yummy yummy ice cream cone!!!