Sunday, June 8, 2008

"I Am NOT Going To Like It!"

Friday was a busy day for us. The kids both had doctor's appoint-ments with immunizat-ions due. I prepared Kylie for the dreaded shots by telling her she couldn't go to kindergarten without getting them done. Kylie then told me, "Okay, Mom, but I am NOT going to like it!" Yeah, well she really didn't like it. She was hysterical the minute they brought in the syringes. We decided to do Kylie first and she was very uncooperative. I tried to lay her down on the examining table, but she had tucked her legs in and wouldn't straighten them out. The nurse gave her a sucker and she finally put them out and I folded her arms over her chest and leaned over her so I could look in her face and keep her upper body still. It was absolute torture to watch her face scrunch up and her cry/scream escalate every time they stuck her. The nurse wasn't very good either. I've seen nurses give 2-3 shots at one time. This nurse gave Kylie's five shots individually and it seemed like she took her sweet time. After what seemed like forever, it was all over with.
Then it was Cooper's turn. He had a sucker and was happily sucking on it. He laid on the table willingly and smiled up at me while I held him down. He cried with each of his two shots, got up and promptly threw his sucker down on the floor. He was so mad! It was kinda cute though. Cooper was done crying within seconds after the last shot was given. Kylie, on the other hand, cried and whimpered the whole way home.
The next day she was fine, but she told me, "When I am 30, I will be happy to get shots, but not now or ever!" Silly girl. I took her to Wal-Mart so she could pick out a toy to make up for the trauma she had to go through.


Nana and Papa said...

POOR BABIES..... They do hurt like the dickins.

Adam & Sarah said...

So cute about Cooper getting mad and throwing his sucker! Haha! And oh my gosh, Kylie saying she'll get shots when she's 30 but not now or never... hahaha! Oh the things kids say! You gotta love it!