Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Wisdom, Thoughts, and Sayings of Kylie

I've noticed that I blog way more about Cooper than Kylie, so I've decided to dedicate this post to Kylie

and the funny things she says.
Just yesterday she told me that she volunteered to say the opening prayer in her church class and I began quizzing her about what she said in her prayer...
Mommy: So, what did you say?
Kylie: I said, "I'm thankful for this day."
Mommy: You didn't say, "Please bless this food," did you?
Kylie: No, I said something else.
Mommy: Well, what did you say?
Kylie: Mommy, just eat your lunch, okay?
Mommy: !?!?!?!

Here's another:
Mommy: Kylie, you need to find something quiet to do on Sunday, like read a book, color, or play quietly in your room.
Kylie: Mom, reading a book is loud, cuz when you turn the pages it makes noise.

Mommy: Kylie, you need to be a big girl and clean up your own messes.
Kylie: But Mommy, I'm only 4! I think you should clean up my messes until I get a little bit older.

Scott is always making fun of me because I'm always looking for my keys when I need to go somewhere. Well, one day I was frantically looking for my keys when Kylie knowingly announced, "Mommy, you're going to be in BIG trouble when Daddy gets home and finds out you lost your keys AGAIN!"

Seriously, the kid cracks me up! There are so many other hilarious things she's said, but I can't remember them all. I really should just go and write them down as soon as she's said them. I know I'm going to do better with this now that I have a blog to write them on!


Adam & Sarah said...

haha! That's hysterical! I didn't realize she could be so mouthy! "Mommy, just eat your lunch..." :) Too funny!!!

Nana and Papa said...

What a doll and full of sas. Like daughter like mother. Wouldn't have it any other way. That was way to cute.......