Thursday, May 8, 2008

This Is What Happens When...

Mommy's too busy blog surfing. Cooper had come walking up to me and as I picked him up I put my hand on his bottom. I could feel some crunchy little bits of...RICE CRISPIES!?!?! "Now how did you get rice crispies on your bottom, little man? I know I left the box of cereal up on the table, now how did they get here?" I looked into the kitchen and found the biggest mess of cereal I have ever seen. My first instinctive reaction was to scream and cry, but then I realized this was mostly my fault. I had left my toddler unattended with a box of cereal sitting on the end of the table. It was bound to happen. I then thought about the time Kylie dumped a whole bag of Malt-o-Meal Toasty O's on the floor...and I had to laugh. I wish I could post that picture on here too. Like sister, like brother. Ha-ha. (BTW, I had to put Cooper back in the cereal mess to get these pictures, and as you can tell, he wasn't complain-
ing! And, yes, this happened before we cut his hair so you can see how long his hair was!)


Nana and Papa said...

CUTE..... Maybe he was hungry. I remember the time Scott put a piece of popcorn in his ear, and then had a hard time hearing. Silly boys.

Dawn Rae said...

Been there, done that...Be glad you took pictures before you got frustrated and just cleaned up the mess!!