Wednesday, June 25, 2008

South Jordan Country Fest

We went to the South Jordan Country Fest last Saturday. It was pretty fun, except it got REALLY hot. I had a fabulous farmer's tan to wear to church the next day. Kylie was in a tank top, so she ended up with a nice tan all the way up her shoulders. Poor Cooper just got a little burn on the top of his head.
We first went to the South Jordan parade. Cooper would run out into the street every time he saw something cool, like the policemen on their bikes with their lights flashing, the clowns and mascots, the fire truck, and the horses. He actually thought the horses were big doggies that he could go pet, so he would run over to pet them. I had to keep running out there to get him. Everyone thought he was cute so they kept throwing him candy. After the parade, we went to play in the kids' play area, where Kylie pumped duckies across a PVC pipe with a water pump, while Cooper tried pulling them out as they went across. Kylie showed off her strength by pulling up bricks attached to pulleys. She discovered that the one with three pulleys was the easiest to pull up. Then, both Kylie and Cooper signed their names on a giant piece of canvas. (I think Cooper looks so much older in this picture. He looks like he really knows what he's doing with that paintbrush! Yeah, well he ended up getting it on his shirt, his hands, my face, and in my hair!)We played on the swings. Kylie got a ladybug painted on her face, which she almost immediate-ly started rubbing off because it was "itchy."Finally, we went and rode the dinky little carnival rides which I think I paid too much for, but when it's about spending a day with your kids it's all worth it, right?


Crazycozartclan said...

That all looks like so much fun! We ended up missing our town celebrations this year. : ( Glad you guys had so much fun!

Jennie Stephens said...

Your day at the carnival was better than ours! ugh... spiiiiining rides!