Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hoppy Birthday Cooper!

Cooper's 1st birthday was on January 30th. We had his birthday party on Friday, February 1st. It was a frog party complete with a "pond" with lily pads, beach ball frogs, blue, green, and light green streamers, a frog cake, and guests dressed in green. We sang "Eight Little Speckled Frogs." Someone had to jump into the "pond" with each round we sang. Then we played musical lily pads with Scott playing songs like, "It's Not Easy Being Green," and "Who Let the Frogs Out?" on the computer.
The party dinner included bug dip with crunchy bug wings (7 layer dip with tortilla chips), frog-eye salad, frog log mix (chex mix with extra stick pretzels), and swamp water (frozen punch with ginger ale mixed in). Dessert was frog cake with homemade buttercream frosting and green fly ice cream (mint chocolate chip).
After dinner Cooper opened his presents. He got a lawnmower, two dump trucks, a bus, legos, a new hammer (he lost his last one), a Leapfrog
fridge farm, clothes, an Elmo phone, a stuffed bear, a horse light, and a Pooh outfit. A funny moment was when he opened a present from his Nana and Papa that had the exact shirt he was wearing inside it! He lost interest in opening presents about halfway through when he found a hanger to play with.
After all of the presents had been opened we brought out the frog cake and sang Happy Birthday to Cooper. Mommy blew out his candle for him. Everyone had cake and ice cream while Cooper and his cousin, Amber, played with all of his new toys. We took some family pictures and then everyone went home. Everyone got a green gift bag that had a frog beachball, frog bath squirts, a green frog bath fizzy, frog suckers, frog bubbles, a party blowout, and "toadally" gross gummy toads.
To right: This is Cooper's cute little cousin, Amber. She was putting on a show, dancing to the Elmo jingle on Cooper's new phone.

Cooper with his Mommy. He was not feeling well. He had been throwing up all day long. But he was still a happy, sweet boy, just for his party.
To right: Cooper and Grandpa Pete.
Aunt Becky, Uncle Nathan, and soon-to-be new baby girl cousin!
Aunt Sarah, Uncle Adam, and Cousin Amber.
The Freitas and Wilson Bunch.
Funny faces everyone! Grandpa Pete must already think he has a funny face!


Adam & Sarah said...

Cute pics! He is such a happy & calm baby! And good work on Cooper's party; it turned out great! Lots of fun! :)

Goddess Rhiannon said...

Kim... I've had one for over 2 years now, glad someone finally joined in too! I see your little sister all the time. Makes me think of you. She lives in the apt. next to mine and comes to visit teach my single roommate funny!

Looks like you had a great trip!

Becky said...

Oh sure the only picture you posted of someone eating is of the fat pregnant lady. Thanks a lot!!! Just kidding! I love your blog! I'm going to bookmark it now.