Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Halloween '08

Here are our Halloween pictures, finally!
Kylie had lots of fun in her class Halloween party and was the star of her class play. She played the smart ghost who knew how to pull the pumpkin out of the pumpkin patch.
For all you Twilight fans, Mr. Plott, Kylie's teacher was dressed as Jacob Black. He said he was a werewolf (currently in human form) and he had on a hole-y t-shirt that said "I love Renesmee" on it. Funny stuff!
Trick-or-treating was lots of fun. Cooper got the hang of things pretty quickly. He kept saying, "doorbell," like "darbell." He knew that each time we rang the doorbell, he was going to get candy. Smart kid! He would go get a large fistful of candy, come put it in his bag, then go back to the person handing out the candy, wait until he got his or her attention, then wave and say "bye!" in his cute little high-pitched voice. Adorable! I didn't think to take pictures of the kids actually trick-or-treating. I know I should have.
So, that was our Halloween this year. The kids got way too much candy, so we're still eating it!


Gail and Steve said...

ohhhhh... they are so cute. I would have given them all my candy. Kylie's class looks so nice, but she is still so much more tinier than her other classmates. And Cooper looks like you had better hand all the candy over or else..... Nana and Papa

Haley said...

I always thought your kids looked like you, but now that I see them in these pictures they look just like there dad. They are very cute in their costumes.

Kim said...

Haley! I need at invite to your blog! You went private and didn't send me an invite. I was so sad! My e-mail addy is kimo_nursie@yahoo.com
Yeah, so I go through all the trouble of carrying these babies for 9 months, being sick and pukey, go through labor and delivery, and they come out looking like their Daddy! What gives!?!

Gail and Steve said...

But Daddy is sooooo cute.