Monday, August 4, 2008

Papa Vern's 90th

We went to my Grandpa Freitas' 90th birthday party on Saturday. (He's Papa Vern to all of the great-
grandkids so they won't get him confused with their other grandpas.) It was lots of fun. I saw cousins I hadn't seen in, like, 10-12 years. I didn't even recognize my cousin, Nick, who had grown two feet and a beard since the last time I saw him. Crazy! We had good food, played fun games, and chatted it up. I just hope it's not too long before we get together again. I want to be able to recognize everyone next time!Still lookin' good at 90!Leslie and Kylie.Amber, Adam, Sarah, and Becky.Becky, Nathan, and baby Marlayna.Trying to get Cooper to eat something! Anything!Ah-ha! Watermelon! Cooper does love his watermelon.My sis-in-law and I made an awesome team playing water balloon volleyball.Sick of the "Sarah & Kim water volleyball pics" yet? (Scott took like 10 pictures of us! Geez!)Here are the great-grandkids lined up to hit the pinata.I didn't think Kylie would be able to hold the bat, but she did pretty good.Gramps opening presents.Happy Birthday Papa Vern! We love you!

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Adam and Sarah said...

Cute pics! I especially enjoyed the ones of the two majorly talented and good looking girls playing water balloon volleyball. Ha! :) It was fun seeing you guys again -- it had been awhile. I'm excited for this weekend though! Yay!