Friday, August 22, 2008

Park City Fun

Whew! Between work, Kylie's school, reading ALL of the Twilight books (they were fabulous by the way), watching the Olympics, and keeping up with the daily grind, I've had NO time to update our blog. But, I'm going to try to do that this week...Soooo, two weekends ago we went to Park City with my fam. The parents rented a condo up there and we spent a few days playing around. It was lots of fun. Per Freitas family tradition, we rode the ski lift up the mountain to ride down the alpine slides...strolled along Park City Main Street, stopped at the bookstore and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to get fudge and ice cream...Check out Scott's new car! (Yeah, right! Dream on, baby!)Scott and I went to Yuki Arashi for sushi. We tried octopus and Ahi tuna! It was yummy!Grandma Net bought all the grandkids cute overalls and shirts.We made breakfast the first morning we were there--Scott made Eggs Benedict...and I made raspberry jam-stuffed French Toast. Yum!Hanging out at the condo...Jill trying on her new bike helmet to go with her new bike she got for her birthday.Have you ever seen the PBS kids show Boohbahs? Little Marlayna looks just like one! Boohbah Marley!On Sunday, we went to church, then had a picnic at the park.If looks could kill...Kylie dipping in the pickle jar...Here's Sarah, my fellow blogger.Family picture time! Here are the sisters (& sisters-in-law)...Silly sisters.The Freitas Five. (Yes, I'm the oldest and the shortest!)Come on guys! This is supposed to be the funny picture!This is what Cooper does when you ask him where his nose is. Hilarious!We took the kids over to play on the playground.Some of the grown-ups are still "kids" too!Uncle Adam digging in the dirt.Aunt Jill swinging with Amber.We had lots of fun! Thanks Mom and Dad!


Adam and Sarah said...

I wanna go back!!!

Gail and Steve said...

Your weekend looked wonderful. I'm jealous. Everyon looks so happy and healthy