Friday, August 29, 2008

I Got Tagged!

Thanks to my friend, Dawn, for this fun tag. Here goes!

20 years ago:
1. I was 10 years old and starting the 5th grade in Mr. Wood's class. It was a fun class. Susan Williams, Hilary Jennings, Mike Hales, Brandon Rasmussen, & Tyler Okerlund were all in it.
2. I was known as Kimbo, thanks to Mr. Wood's crazy song, "Kimbo the Clown." It was embarrassing! I hated that song!
3. I started to wear just one contact. I had one really bad eye and the other one was a perfect 20/20.
4. My youngest sister, Leslie, was born in February. I had lots of fun playing with her.

10 years ago:
1. I was attending Southern Utah University and had just decided that I wanted to go to nursing school.
2. I was dating my husband-to-be, Scott.
3. I was working at Cedar Breaks Lodge in Brianhead as a server/hostess.
4. I started a difficult cross-stitch that I ended up working on-and-off for the next ten years. (See "This Year" list.)

5 years ago:
1. We were living in Paradise Valley, AZ while Scott was attending Scottsdale Culinary School.
2. I was working full-time nights at Mayo Clinic Hospital on the Neuro and GU/Orthopedics floors.
3. I had an almost 5-month-old daughter.
4. We were the Sunbeam teachers in our ward. We had 10 rowdy, rambunctious kids in our class.

3 years ago:
1. We were living in an apartment in Murray, Utah.
2. I was working full-time nights at St. Mark's Hospital on a GI floor and working mainly with gastric bypass patients.
3. We were saving for a house.
4. We suffered the loss of our baby boy after 17 weeks of pregnancy.

1 year ago:
1. We bought our first home in Daybreak, Utah.
2. I had a 4-year-old daughter who could read 3rd-grade level books.
3. I had a 6-month old baby boy.
4. I was working nights at St. Mark's Hospital in OB/GYN.

This year:
1. I ran my first half-marathon in April.
2. I finished that dumb cross-stitch that I started 10 years ago, but never finished prior to this because the picture and the cross-stitch pattern didn't match. I ended up finishing it solely by looking at the picture. It was time-consuming and a huge relief when I finally got it done. (Now that it is done, I don't know what to do with it. It doesn't match any of my decor!)
3. We went to Disneyland--the kids' first time going.
4. I read all of the Twilight books in 1 1/2 weeks.

1. I got Kylie ready for school, took her to school, and picked her up from school.
2. I worked out to my "The Firm" video.
3. I studied for my Neonatal Resuscitation certification class and completed my adoption case study assignment for work.
4. I worked a 12-hour graveyard shift after taking Kylie to "Skate Night" at her school.

1. I wrote this blog.
2. I went to Target to shop for a birthday present and to Harmon's for food for dinner. Then I went to Hobby Lobby to spend more money!
3. I cleaned up after Cooper's string of messes, until he finally went down for his nap.
4. I washed the Durango.

1. I will take Kylie to a birthday party.
2. I will take Kylie & Cooper to the library to check out some new books.
3. I will practice the piano for the Stake Baptism next Saturday.
4. I will paint Kylie's letters white for her room and finish some more hair clips.

Next year:
1. I will run a marathon.
2. I will be vacationing in San Diego in July with Scott's family.
3. We will add baby #3 to our family. (Don't get any ideas. I'm NOT pregnant! This is called family planning!)
4. Our basement will be finished.

I tag Sarah, Gail, Jennie, Karen, & Becky.


Dawn Rae said...

Thanks for playing. I remember when you had the one contact. It was always giving you problems. Congrats on baby #3 (totally kidding)! Love ya!

Gail and Steve said...

OK I'm tagged. I did it this morning. It's hard to remember 20 years ago. But it was fun, bought back some good memories. Have a good day. And start working on my 5th grandbaby (hahaha)

Rhiannon said...

Soooo excited... can't wait for more news on that baby # 3 post! Glad you guys did these first. I must have had a really bad childhood cause I can't even remember what yesterday looked like!

Maybe some Ritalin would help. I think nursing school is killing my brain not making it smarter.