Monday, March 31, 2008

"You're soooo smart!"

I forgot to mention that Kylie gave another talk in church last week. I told her that she needs to stop volunteering to give talks, because then Mommy has to do all the work of writing a talk and helping her read and memorize it. I told her next time to just volunteer to say the prayer or something easy. I'm horrible I know, but seriously, this was like the 4th talk she's had to give in the last year. Anyway, she gave a talk about Easter and blew everyone away when she got up and read it all by herself. I had some pictures for her to hold up to show some of the miracles around us that help us to remember the Resurrection of Jesus. The other day I overheard this "conversation" between my two kids (Kylie was using her pictures from her talk):
Kylie: Cooper, what is this? Tell me what this is. (Holding up picture of a cocoon).
Cooper: Da-da. (Points at picture).
Kylie: That's right! It's a cocoon. Now what is this? Tell me what this is. (Holding up a picture of a butterfly).
Cooper: Da-da. (Points at picture).
Kylie: Wow, that's right Cooper! What is this? (Holding up a picture of a nest with eggs).
Cooper: Da-da. (Points at picture).
Kylie: Wow! You are soooo smart Cooper! You're going to be smart just like me someday.
Kylie had used all of her pictures before she actually said the last line, so this was quite a extended conversation and one where Cooper was actually involved the entire time. I had to go into the other room and giggle quietly so I that didn't interrupt. Kylie is such a good big sis (most of the time). She certainly loves her little brother.
Kylie and Cooper reading books together.


Nana and Papa said...

Hey this was for me.... I love the books. Tell Kylie that I read a story this week called "Stinky Smelly Feet" The kids loved it. Keep reading. Love to everyone. Nana

Adam & Sarah said...

That's hysterical! She is a freaking smarty pants!