Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy birthday baby! Can you believe we're 30? It's hard to believe that we were only 19 when we first met each other. Wow! It's been a long road. I wish I could have put some pictures from when we first got married on this slide show, then I could make you feel really old! Anyway,I'm so glad you're my husby. You're such a great daddy to our kids. It makes me so happy to see you spending time with them and I know they love you so much. I hope you can let this birthday be about how far you've come in your life and not about the number of years it is. I love you! And Happy Birthday!

This is something I pulled off of Becky's blog. I thought it would be fun to do in honor of Scott's birthday:

What is his name? Scott Michael Wilson

How long have you been married? 9 years on May 1st. Wowee!

How long did you date? 21 months. A really long time, I know. I was really glad when he finally asked me to marry him.

How old is he? 30, today! I'm 8 days older than him. He always jokes that he married an "older" woman. Ha-ha.

Who eats more? Definitely Scott.

Who eats more sweets? Depends on the sweets. If it's ice cream or Oreos it's him, but I've been known to eat almost a whole bag of candy or cookies (over a period of days) once it has been opened.

Who said I love you first? Scott. I think I cried. I remember that I didn't say it back. I think I was a little shocked and then it was too late to try to say it. I would have sounded dumb. ("Oh, by the way, I love you, too.")

Who is taller? Scott; he's about 5'9", at least that what he claims to be. He's probably shorter than that.

Who can sing better? Definitely Scott. I like it when he sings in my ear.

Who is smarter? I'm pretty sure I am. Ha-ha. No, it depends on the subject. He can kick my butt in Jeopardy, though. He's quicker with coming up with the answers.

Who does the laundry? He pretty much does all of it every week. I'm so lucky.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? When we're laying in it? Him.

Who mows the lawn? We don't have to mow our lawn. The HOA does it. If we did have to mow our own lawn, it would be Scott.

Who cooks dinner? Scott. And it's always so good. I honestly don't like to cook, but I think I can whip up something good if I'm really in the mood.

Who drives when you are together? Always Scott. I think he gets scared when I drive.

Who is more stubborn? We both are pretty stubborn, but it's probably me. I always have to be right and I will go out of my way to try to prove him wrong.

Who kissed who first? He kissed me first, but I kissed him right back!

Who asked who out first? Scott asked me first. Our first date was interesting...I seriously thought for sure it would be the only date we would ever go on.

Who proposed? Scott.

Who has more siblings? I have 2 more than he does. He has two brothers, I have two sisters and two brothers.

Who wears the pants? I would say it's me; but he probably thinks he does.


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Wow...we are old, huh? The big 3-0. I dont hit that till next month so I will just stick to calling you all old. You can totally put my link on your site. I was going to add yours without asking, so I hope it is ok. I am glad you stopped by the site to see the newest family member. I am really glad you do this because I will definately be checking in to see what is new with you guys. It keeps family close.