Monday, April 28, 2008

Kylie Is 5!

Okay, I am really behind in updating our going-ons; probably most important was Kylie's birthday that occurred April 12th. We decided to have a spring-ish theme because Kylie really is obsessed with Springtime (she has asked me since the end of January when Spring was going to come), and we had to have a gender-neutral theme since she would be inviting boys to her party. (I couldn't picture the boys being excited about a princess party.)
We started the party by having the kids make dirt cups with chocolate pudding, oreo cookies, gummy worms, and paper flowers. We played pin the spot on the ladybug and musical stuffed animals, had a relay race with a plastic shovel and rake (the kids had to run a certain distance while trying to keep either a stuffed bee or frog on the shovel or rake). Kylie then opened presents and blew out the candles on her butterfly cake. After the kids had cake, they went on a treasure hunt to find their party favors. All of the kids got a party sack with popsicle bubbles, a kite, animal cookies, and sunglasses; the boys got sticky lizards, and the girls got fabric flower windmills that I had put out in our front lawn to help the partygoers find our house.
Kylie says she liked the ladybug game the best; she also enjoyed having her cousins, Peyton and Ashley, spend the weekend at our house. All in all it was a fun party and weekend. I am so glad to be done with birthdays and least for another 9 months! I never realized how stressful and expensive it can be to throw a party for a kid. (Thank goodness for Oriental Trading, Hobby Lobby, and the dollar store!) Even more stressful for me is realizing I am actually old enough to have a five-year-old daughter!


nanaandpapa said...

HORAY!!!!!! Pictures coming soon

nana and papa said...

BEAUTIFUL...... I love it. It was like we were there. Well We wish we were. Nana