Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Papa!

I have a confession to make...I'm horrible at remembering birthdays; I'm even worse at remembering to get birthday cards. I was going to update our blog when I glanced over and saw that my father-in-law's birthday was coming up. But, then I thought, "Wait a second, what is today?" and put my cursor over the time in the corner...Nope, it's not coming up, it's TODAY! Crap, I didn't get a card. But, I think I thought of something better...
I asked Kylie what she loves about her Papa and she said, "I like when he calls me, 'My Girl.' I like talking to him on the phone. I like it when he comes to visit me. I like giving him hugs and kisses and I love him so much." I asked Cooper what he likes about his Papa and he gave me a sweet, wet kiss on the lips, (so Papa, I guess you can consider that kiss yours.) We hope you have a happy, fun birthday. Love you!

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nana and papa said...

Kim, what a great birthday wish. The pictures of the kids with the signs made my day. I really appreciate everything you do and love looking at the blog

Love Papa